High Speed Band Saw (50 - 5200 FT/MIN)

High Speed Band Saw, Variable Speed, Enlarged Speed Range


Throat Depth 20"(500)
Work Height 12"(304)
Blade Width 1/8"thru 1"(3 thru 25)
Blade length 161-3/8"(4100)
Bandwheel Dimensions 20-1/2"×1-3/4"(520×44)
Bandwheels Number 2
Wheel Tires Easily Replacable Rubber Tires
Table Type Hydraulic Powered
Main Table Size 26-3/4"×29"(679×736)
Table Tilt 15° R , 15° L
Table Workheight 40-1/2"(1028)
Blade Drive Motor 3 H.P.
Electric Controls Mag Motor Starters, 115 Volt Controls
Blade Speed 50-5200 fpm(15-1575 mpm)
Transmission Totally Enclosed
Blade Welder, Grinder, Shear 1"Capacity, Standard Equipment
Table Stroke 13"(330)
Length 51"(1295)
Width 44"(1117)
Height 81"(2057)
Net Weight 1870 Lbs(850 Kgs)
115V control circuit, motor overload and under volt protection, chevron blade guides 1/16" up to 1", blade tension, variable blade speed 50-5200 SFPM (15-1575 MPM), rip fence, chip blower, blade welder, grinder, shear & digital speed meter.


  • Enlarged speed range: 50-5200 ft/min (15-1575m/min).
  • Infinitely variable speed.
  • Blade welder, grinder and shear are front mounted for quick, accurate blade repair and installation.
  • Maintenance-free airpump provides air to remove Chips from the point of cut.
  • Digital blade speed indicator.
  • Blade tension indicator.
  • Totally enclosed transmission.
  • TEFC 3 phase motor.
  • Rip fence is equipped.
  • Heavy duty cast iron table.
  • Magnetic, low volt controls.
  • Brush for cleaning lower drive wheel.
  • The upper wheel could be adjusted for band tensioning.
  • Motion of work table is controlled by stepless speed controller (Hydraulic powered only).
  • Work table with auto stopper (Hydraulic powered only).
  • Work table may take speedy reverse movement (Hydraulic powered only).